War Museum (Muzium Perang), Penang

Location : Batu Maung, Penang

War Museum , Penang is an original fortress built in the 1930's by the British. The fortress that protect Penang Island during the World War II not only manned by the British soldier but also by the Malay and Sikh. During the WWII, the Japanese succed in attacked and conquered this fortress. The Japanese then use the place as their base.The fortress above the Batu Maung Hill were then deserted aster war ended in 1945 and was abonded.

The fortress is built on a land of 20 acres. It was complete with everything needed for a war - military tunnels,canon firing bay, medical infirmary, hall, offices, lock ups, cook house and sleeping quarters. The idea of reconstruct and open the fortress to the public came from a Penangite, Johari Shafie somewhere in 2002.

You'll need to spend a few hours here because the large area, but it'll give you satisfaction and sure does bring you back to the Malaya and during the WWII, just like the welcoming signboard that says "Welcome to Malaya, You are back".

Original fence since the 1930's

Army barrack complete with shower room and lavatory

And lots of bomb-proof structured tunnels...

Four storeys underground explosive dump

Ammunition storage

4 feet thick wall

A Life for Every Sleeper
In memory of the war victims, this building is used as a special place to remember the ones that had fought and died for our country. The building was formerly used to store food and other supplies.


  1. saya biasa pergi kat sini , mmg menarik tapi rasanya kurang artifact .saya jugak pernah ke tempat2 tinggalan sejarah yang lain dan rasanya pihak pengurusan perlu ambil iktibar tentang cara pengurusan tempat2 sejarah , contohnya seperti cuchi tunnel di vietnam.cuba lihat blog post saya

  2. Ni kat pulau ke kat seberang? lokasi dia kat mana ni?

  3. @xplorer ye mmg terdpt beberapa kekurangan. tp sekurang-kurangnya timbul kesedaran dr individu utk menjaga tempat bersejarah begini dr trs terbiar =)

    @faizal tempat ni kat Pulau pinang yg pulau, bukan seberang. kat area batu maung.

    @tolanic thank you very much =)

  4. Nice info..
    I excited with the images/screenshot..
    I feel like I visited a mini showcase at that museum.

    Continue travellinh good place like this and share with us..

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